Defensive Driving Course

American Safety Institute Online 6 Hour Course Now Available in New York and New Jersey.

Complete the course to remove points from your license and lower your insurance cost!

Click one of the links below to begin your Defensive Driving course brought to you by the American Safety Institute.

6- Hour New Jersey Defensive Driving Course

6-Hour New York Point & Insurance Reduction Course

6-Hour New Jersey Defensive Driving Course (En Español)

6-Hour New York Point Insurance Reduction Course (En Español)


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Providing Peace of Mind to Your Daily Commute

We proudly offer personal and commercial auto insurance throughout the state of New York. We offer our clients personal and commercial auto policies which afford the best protection and come at the best possible price.

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Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance

In order to register and legally drive an automobile in the state of New York, auto insurance is required by law. Automotive insurance is simply a contract between an individual/entity and the insurance company in order to provide financial protection in the event of an accident, damage to property, or even theft. By paying premiums to an insurance company, the insurance company agrees to pay any losses that are stated in your policy. Whether you're the one driving or hiring drivers for your business, having the proper auto insurance is essential to properly protect your assets as well as others within the community.